Eazy Brow's hands free adjustable eyebrow mask was created to solve all of your eyebrow issues.
Have you lost your eyebrows due to the effects of chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns or medications?
Has over plucking caused your eyebrows to stop growing?
Do you have problems shaping your natural eyebrows?
Are your eyebrows a little sparse or light colored in need of some definition?
If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then Eazy Brow has the solution you need. View our product catalogue and see what we have to offer!
Lana B.
Grand Prairie, Texas
"I had just finished my chemotherapy sessions, with my daughter’s wedding right around the corner. I was so concerned about my looks because I still did not have any eyebrows and I wanted to look pretty for my daughter and her guests. I was at Special Needs by Gloria and the store manager, Kerry gave me the information on Eazy Brow. I contacted Wendy McGee with Eazy Brow, she met me at Gloria’s and I had my new eyebrows that day! I felt so much better and I was now really looking forward to my daughter’s wedding. The Eazy Brow mask saved the day for me."
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